Dada Korede

Good job, my boy! I’m happy to see you writing like this. It’s a pleasure to be your English Lecturer. I’m very proud of you. You listened well and followed directions without any help. The combination of clear and thought-provoking content, and your technique of repeated practice insures a productive working knowledge for you. Being also the head of Rotaract club in Obantoko, Ogun state, am moved with your light-hearted ridiculous article and this has helped in me in my leadership position. I could not have asked for any better, frank direction.



My name is Oyekunle Sodiq Babatunde popularly known as TundeBryan on social networks. I'm in my early twenties, a writer of satire & enthusiast of all things. I’ve been writing for most of my life, but only recently started calling myself a writer and actually believing it. I am a chronic puzzle-seeker and a lifelong learner. I unpack complicated problems by approaching each with the flexible process and attention it deserves. I believe in simplicity, minimalism, and have an ardent willingness to push the bounds, envisioning the betterment of usable and practical solutions.