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Hurray! It’s my Birthday

Happy Birthday to me, Tundebryan! It’s April 26.Turning a year older has made me wonder about certain things, like how much longer can I get away with telling people that I am “twenty-….”?.. You don’t need to know my exact age. What for? lol

On my birthday, I might celebrate with the youth and vigor of someone who can dance and party, all night or in the manner of someone who can eat too much cake and pass out on the sofa watching a bad movie…I am pretty sure I am going to pass out on the sofa!

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Before you generalize

Try to understand some things before you generalize.I just want to write to at least make some people understand that certain things don’t work the way they think! Whichever way you see this write up, well it is basically to correct a wrong impression, nothing  less, nothing more.

I have written something on this way back but in a slightly different dimension and I think I did say to myself that am not going to write on this again, well at least not from that same angle. That was on my Facebook wall anyway.

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In my own world

For a while now, I have been trying so hard to put my thoughts (so many of them) in writing but each time I am almost there, somehow  the whole thing seems to jump out of the window. Then I just have to pick a pen and paper this morning (against the saying that the pen has been lifted and the pages are empty) with no thought of what to write on, but I know I did write something, whether it would make sense to you or even me is another question, but for now I am just going to continue.

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