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Ignorant folks: our major problems in Nigeria

It is practically impossible for you to be able to talk about your country when you don’t know the history of your country.

Few years back I and a friend of mine Nigerian was discussing with a Ghanaian friend along the line one thing led to the other we started talking about visa application the rigmarole one goes through before getting a UK visa and he said “chale no be Britain colonize una” Continue reading “Ignorant folks: our major problems in Nigeria”

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NIGERIA must get BETTER – a wake up call

Disheartening, though it may be to see a man of 51  with no achievement,but as long as that man is alive, people still believe he has hope..Yes, hope
NIGERIA  is so blessed even though we may not want to accept it, but i tell you there is no nation without its challenges.there  is no nation without its trying period, it is how each nation handles it that is different.
we are all  quick to point an accusing finger on others, even when we are guilty of the same thing, like Asa said in her song, let he who is without sin be the first to cast the stone, did i see you making an attempt to do that, then you must be a big liar, lying to yourself.
It is always easier for us as humans to stand on the other side of the fence and pass different comments on the activities on the other side of the fence, but do we bother to ask ourselves, if we would have done better or even well, if we are the one on the other side?
I feel bad when i hear or see Nigerian youths saying they have lost hope in Nigeria, when we are the future of Nigeria, if we loose hope now, that is when i begin to wonder, what would become of Nigeria?
Nigerian youth i call on you, lets keep our hope high on Nigeria, agreed that our leaders have been failing us, but i still believe things would get better.
I always enjoy listening to my Dad telling me stories of Nigeria of those days, how things were going well, the unity enjoined, good living condition etc, and each time i listen, i ask myself, are the Nigerians of those days different from the ones we have now? is there something the leaders do back then that our present leaders are not willing to learn from?how sincere are we when we condemn or lambast a leader? in what ways have we or are we trying to solve Nigeria’s problem as individuals apart from running discouraging comments, the list of my questions are endless, but I believe if we ask ourselves these questions, we will get answers.
Nigeria is a great Nation, we once had it good in Nigeria, we once lived in peace and harmony, so why can’t we still do the same.
My hope shaketh not in Nigeria, I believe things will get better.
Nigeria youth I call on thee, lets keep up the hope, even if it is the only thing we can do for Nigeria now, things will surely get better, we are the revolution , we are the change we seek.NIGERIA MUST GET BETTER..
Lets continue to hope, pray and play our part.

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Is Naija Police truly our Friend?

Who will save Nigeria from the menace of corruption, which is ravaging the country, holding it by the jugular, to the pains and detriment of her ordinary citizens? When will Nigeria receive her independence from corruption and all the malaise that has kept it at its knees and made it a laughing stock in the country of civilized and progressive nations?

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Oil has been Nigeria’s main source of revenue. Over 50 years have passed since the oil boom. Now the price of oil has fallen drastically. Many countries that relied on oil as their main source of revenue revenue are facing economic crisis. Unfortunately, Nigeria is one of them.

Over the years, since the discovery of oil in Nigeria, the governments have failed to diversify the economy of the country, from oil to other sources of income. As at 2008, the price of oil was $114 per barrel, now the price is $40 per barrel. For this reason, Nigeria’s economy is in crisis, the country’s currency is losing its value, the citizens are experiencing hardships and standard of living is becoming high.

As a result of serious corruption, the country has failed to develop in great measures. Oil may be flowing into the holds of large tankers, but in most states, petrol shortages are chronic. None of the refineries are efficiently working. The country’s four refineries are obsolete and as Africa’s largest oil producer is forced to import refined petrol.

One of the central problems of Nigeria is corruption. As I mentioned earlier, because of corruption Nigeria is not able to improve its economy. The government must be quick to ensure the diversification of the economy. For the country can no longer depend or rely on oil.

In conclusion, I want to end by quoting the president of the republic “The days of Nigeria as a big oil producer with plenty of money are gone. We need all the support we can get to diversify our economy as quickly as possible.”

Source: OIL DOOM

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Calamity of house of assembly in Nigeria 2015/2016

Good leadership they say is a mark of good performance but most African leaders unlike their European and American contemporaries were short of appreciable values from their followers. Top on the priority list of our leaders in this part of the world is wealth accumulation ignoring the fact that the state resources under their control is to be managed in a judicious manner that will affect the life of common people positively and also, that formulation of policies must be done in such manner that will not create a conflicting atmosphere.


Nigeria house of assembly, the god of Pen is watching you! Be warned and steer clear of evil deed. As a responsible legislature with some of you as lawyers, you all act below moral.