Ignorant folks: our major problems in Nigeria

It is practically impossible for you to be able to talk about your country when you don’t know the history of your country. Few years back I and a friend of mine Nigerian was discussing with a Ghanaian friend along the line one thing led to the other we started talking about visa application the... Continue Reading →


NIGERIA must get BETTER – a wake up call

Disheartening, though it may be to see a man of 51  with no achievement,but as long as that man is alive, people still believe he has hope..Yes, hope NIGERIA  is so blessed even though we may not want to accept it, but i tell you there is no nation without its challenges.there  is no nation... Continue Reading →

Is Naija Police truly our Friend?

Who will save Nigeria from the menace of corruption, which is ravaging the country, holding it by the jugular, to the pains and detriment of her ordinary citizens? When will Nigeria receive her independence from corruption and all the malaise that has kept it at its knees and made it a laughing stock in the... Continue Reading →


Oil has been Nigeria’s main source of revenue. Over 50 years have passed since the oil boom. Now the price of oil has fallen drastically. Many countries that relied on oil as their main source of revenue revenue are facing economic crisis. Unfortunately, Nigeria is one of them. Over the years, since the discovery of oil... Continue Reading →

Calamity of house of assembly in Nigeria 2015/2016

Good leadership they say is a mark of good performance but most African leaders unlike their European and American contemporaries were short of appreciable values from their followers. Top on the priority list of our leaders in this part of the world is wealth accumulation ignoring the fact that the state resources under their control... Continue Reading →

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