Ignorant folks: our major problems in Nigeria

It is practically impossible for you to be able to talk about your country when you don’t know the history of your country.

Few years back I and a friend of mine Nigerian was discussing with a Ghanaian friend along the line one thing led to the other we started talking about visa application the rigmarole one goes through before getting a UK visa and he said “chale no be Britain colonize una” my guy quickly answered saying Na America I corrected him immediately, I later on told him to try to know more about Nigeria he said “u know say no be line now”.

This is how the problems starts, ignorant folks will end up leading the country making it slip into a banana republic.
Same is the case with folks who know nothing about their religion, but they claim to know. They have an audience ever ready to listen to them, an audience that won’t sieve what they say, they have strong penchant for fame.

They start preaching nothing but hatred, they will become more popular only by preaching hatred, hatred against folks of other faiths while some know the truth but their eagerness to be famous have destroyed their sense of thinking and so continue their devilish mission to divide and rule.

The ignorant ones are the majority. They always “God said this God said that while they don’t even know him or his book.
The Folks in the traditional class hmm they are the worst, the moment you are appointed minister, NNPC GMD they start calling you “fine ba’ra” they start hailing you in order to get something from you.

When you tell them the task you have been given is very hectic they will tell you” kai forget these people (masses) chop your own and go but no forget us oh. They can no longer speak for their subjects, they are so eager to acquire houses in choice cities too. The bottom line is that they don’t know the role of the traditional ruling class even if they know they don’t want to adhere to its principles.
Student unionism used to be made up of erudite, selfless students who want to defend the rights of their colleagues but with the coming of these folks who have strong penchant for BB, cars and womanization, the Government now use them against their colleagues. So students now have no voice because the so-called representative of theirs has been bought to the other side.

The bottom line is that folks at the helms of affairs of the various student unions know nothing about the birth of student unionism even if they do for obvious reasons they just can’t adhere to it.

Every year thousands of graduates are produced, most of them have no questioning mind. All they wanted right from their first year in the university was a certificate, a worthless paper bearing the name of a vide student. A graduate without a questioning mind is a “Dumbo”.
If you don’t know anything about your country and don’t want to know, the solution is easy whenever folks are discussing/chatting just shut up and listen, don’t buttress or object to whatever they say. “Just dey look like Dumbo”.
I am not an activist I am just a Nigerian like you craving for a better Nigeria where me and you can sleep with both eyes closed, where our leaders are held accountable, where portable drinking water,light,good school and hospitals etc. aren’t luxuries. I shall be happy if one day a Nigeria of my dream comes to be, this can only happen when we have leaders who have a name to protect at the top, when we have patriotic youths, when our elites have a change of heart.

Like Omoyele Sowore will say “if Nigeria’s problems are solved it will positively affect the whole of Africa”.
If the current leaders of ours refuse to think, posterity will NEVER be on their side. God bless Nigeria


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