In my own world

For a while now, I have been trying so hard to put my thoughts (so many of them) in writing but each time I am almost there, somehow  the whole thing seems to jump out of the window. Then I just have to pick a pen and paper this morning (against the saying that the pen has been lifted and the pages are empty) with no thought of what to write on, but I know I did write something, whether it would make sense to you or even me is another question, but for now I am just going to continue.

Now, I am beginning to think really hard, far more than I want to go, I think I need to come back here, I mean right here on this page or else I go overboard which might not be too amusing, don’t mind me, it happens sometimes like this in my world, well whether its normal or not is another question I leave you to answer.

In my world, it keeps flying in and out, especially in my sleep, I dream I have written interesting articles, stories that touch and transform lives, infact, I complete most of these write ups with step by steps analysis and scene by scene breakdown, but when I wake up, sometimes I barely remember even a sentence from the whole idea…my world???

Yes, my world, why didn’t I even think of this, I am going to continue this write up about my world, we all have a world we have created for ourselves, that we belong to or crave to belong to, don’t we?

My world, my beautiful and serene world surrounded by beautiful plants, flowers, beaches and  so on, where I do a lot of day and night dreaming, beautiful and wonderful dreams I  must say, where I take a walk at the beach side just to reflect on the greatness of God Almighty and his handiwork,  where I stare at plants for so long just to appreciate the wonderful handwork of Allah!


My world, wherein there lies all the positive possibilities, in my world, I see everyone living together in peace, a world where everyone is equal regardless of age, social ranking, background, qualifications, you just name it.

In my world, I see myself touching lives with my smile, my words, my actions, my wealth, my knowledge, my exposure and above all my person. I see this small boy/man (as the case may be) who has dreams that are bigger than his size but who doesn’t give a damn, a boy who inspires and pushes people to strive for good and the betterment of everyone, a world of possibilities, where I refuse to see any limitations.

In my world, I see a Nigeria where every child who is of school age is in school with the right facilities and infrastructure, I see a world where  almost a hundred student don’t  sit on the floor in the same unconducive classroom  while their counterparts (rich ones) sit in tens in a class in an air-conditioned environment.

In my world, I see a Nigeria where people regardless of their status can afford a decent meal at least twice in a day, where the leaders are truly accountable to the followers, where their interest for vying for any public office is because of the people and not their pockets or caps.

My world is so so big, it definitely can’t be captured in just one writing. Moreso in this accidental stumbling writing style, I can go on and on but it all boils down to the fact that I have this world where I want to see if not everybody, almost everybody happy, not living in suspicion of one another, living in peace and love etc…

You may laugh at me and say such world do not exist here on earth, it could only happen in Heaven and that my imaginations (or my world) are only as childish as my size…I really don’t care, call me day dreamer if you like, well, it is still welcome in my world, where I see tolerance and patient as two of the most important virtues we need to incorporate as individuals.

In my world, there exist a wide range of positive possibilities, afterall don’t they say the sky is big enough for birds to fly without clashing wings?

In my world, Life is an open secret!

What happens in your own world? Sure you have one because we all do.

Forgive my rantings and blabbing, in the end I achieved my aim, I did write something…lol

And yet again I leave you to decide whether it made any sense or not

Did I remember to tell you that in my world, I welcome reasonable and constructive criticism?

Life is beautiful, if you define your world very well, don’t just dream around it like me, act and trust completely in God!


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