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Whoa! 2016 is coming to an end. Oh how time flies. Before we dive into a new year, I want to make a resolution. This new year resolution is divided into two. One for how I live my life and the other, for this blog. Now check out my plan lists.

…………….. IN MY LIFE…………. 

I have so many goals for my life and sometimes I forget that I’m just a human living in the flesh. God has so many greater ideas than I ever will for my life and if I just let go and let Him steer my path – amazing things will happen.

As for me, I want to…
-> Spend more time with family & friends
-> Become grateful, happy and more polite

-> Watch less TV and Read more

-> Find some special and Love unconditionally

-> Be more organized

-> Volunteer and donate more often

-> Learn new skills or hobbies

-> Get out of debt and Save money…

I am making a vow to improve my financial situation in 2017. I am putting away more money, making them more secure and bulletproof, and increasing my protection. I also plan on saving on money management fees by getting rid of my financial advisor (who doesn’t do anything anyway).

…………… . ON THIS BLOG………. 

I want to…

  • Be very consistent on this blog by updating it regularly.  I will start working on my typing speed in 2017. I have just few articles this 2016 because I don’t type very fast.
  • I’ve finally decided to make my career in blogging and want to become a professional blogger, I wouldn’t skimp in investing on my blog . So therefore, Fans, this blog will be upgraded and you will be notified when I change the domain name.


I wish you all happy new year in advance! 


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