Money Ritual, a meaningless goal

Do you engage yourself in money ritual? Hmm! It’s dangerous. Why do you do what you do? What drives you? What gets you out of bed each morning? Defining your “WHY”, or what I like to call your “PURPOSE” is the most important part of the process for achieving any goal.

Life is hard by the yard,
but by the inch,
it’s a cinch.

-Gean Gordon

A meaningful goal is one that will truly have an impact on your life, in terms of your happiness, wellbeing, general life satisfaction, or any other aspect of your life that is important to you.
Okay! Most people perceive success to be: money, beautiful women, beautiful clothes, houses etc.

Wealth, my son, should never be your goal in life. Your words are eloquent but they are mere words. True wealth is of the heart, not of the purse.

-Og Mandino

I am tired of hearing statements such as:

“Nigerians will do anything for money!”
“Ah, Nigerians love money too much!”
“Them even fit kill their mama for money!”


Mystics. Pure mystics. It’s unbelievable the extent many go to get rich. There are the politicians who believe that charms can make them powerful and transport them into powerful positions. Even when the efficacy of these rituals is in doubt, some people still believe that rituals can change their lives for the better. Evil men continue to chase their shadows. One thing is clear. Evil begets evil. There’s a price for every bad thing. Those who indulge in these primitive and devilish tendencies never end up well.

However, this is a practice that I strongly believe should be abandoned. As important as money is in the world we live in, human life is more important and cannot be sacrificed in the quest for legal tender.

No, my son, do not aspire for wealth and labor not only to be rich. Strive instead for happiness, to be loved and to love, and most important to acquire peace of mind and serenity.

Og Mandino


People engage in money-making rituals using the blood or body parts of their parents, wives, children, or other close relations. So driven by ignorance, poverty, desperation, gullibility, and irrationalism, Nigerians murder fellow Nigerians for rituals. But ritual killing is not a practice limited to Nigeria.


Are you tempted to do money ritualistic?
You had better reject that Idea because of my following reasons:

  1. Do you know why why herbalist looked so haggard and tattered when he could make money to take care of himself? They will tell you,’you cannot understand’. This is because they know it has grievous consequences.

  2. You may be warned not to spend that money to your family members only for outsiders. Moreover, provision for your family members was the sole reason you engage in the ritual. Meaningless goal indeed!

  3. What is the essence of being in wealth and at the same time, dying slowly due to the hot chase given to you by the spirit of the dead?

Then I put this question to you :
Do you still want to engage in such bloody, brutal, and barbaric acts and atrocities?


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