Unsatisfaction of Mankind

When I think sometimes
And think of the unsatisfaction of mankind
It is as if they were cursed
By an important person.
Mankind is not contented
They will always ask for more till their death
But when I think the other way
I observed that if it does not exist
Life particularly will not be interesting than this

Still, moderation is everything.
Let us take the believers as an example;
Believer that is in the position of
Scripture reading in a congregation
That leaves that post and turn to priest
And reaches the post of Bishop
And doesn’t have satisfaction
I want to ask you,
Did he want to turn to God?
Or that Muslim turns to Alhaji
And turns to small Imam
And leaves that position
And turns to the leader of all Imam
Still he is craning…
This one wants to be Muhammad?
-Mankind do not have satisfaction
Observe the opulent ones
It is not all of them
But when many of them turns rich,
To eat will turn to something else.
They will start behaving like cursed ones
They will be drinking cassava meal
During the day and night
Till their cheek will turn flat
And their body will be lean
Like the meat my girlfriend cooked in the soup last night
That its bones sound loudly in my mouth
It is right for mankind to struggle hard
To do big things and seek progress for himself
Because a person that stands in one place like a pond
Is not among the living but the dead
But a person that stretches hand
To what his hand can never reach,
It remain tail for him to become monkey
That jump from one tree to another.
Yoruba child that is not related to king,
That nobody has worn crown in his generation
That nobody has narrated about Oduduwa to him,
And that leaves his village
And goes to another village
To scramble for a king;
This one is not different from baboon
Only that his body is shiner than baboon.


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