Art of Music in Nigeria Bastardized

Rather than music lyrics and videos being a celebration of the quality in conceptualisation and development; attention is aimed at the seemingly blatant manner in which indecent exposure and vulgarity is promoted rather than controlled. Today, rhythm now sell rather than lyrics. They now make use of vulgar lyrics.

Over the years, Nigeria music has made great impact with Highlife, Apala, Fuji, Juju, and Afrobeat genres but today, the ‘now’ music has declined in standard. Lately, notable hip hop artiste has been releasing sexually charged videos without thinking of the harmful effects it will have on the younger generation.

Today, little or nothing can be said of new generation musicians, as they have bastardise the art of music with lewd lyrics and nude videos.

What comes to mind when you see guns, lots of cash on a table and ladies dressed seductively in a music video? This image portrays violence, gangsterism and sensuality. What message can be passed in a music video where bums are being shaken in most of the scenes?

Rather than promote positive values, they sing praises of alcohol, marijuana, women, sex, nudity, money and drugs, which have done nothing but corrupt and pollute the minds of our children and youths, who are fast taking to such. When you listen to some songs, they are not telling you anything edifying or reasonable, but how they are about getting high alcohol and drugs; showing how big a girl’s buttocks are, how rich they are and how they laid girls.

Nigerian artiste are so selfish that they only go into music as a source of their livelihood and not to pass good messages to others. Moreso, majority of the artistes are not versed and knowledgeable enough about the rudiments of music. Some just get into studio after making up two lines. The rest is beat! Many Nigerian artistes are always trying to be like American musicians rather than be themselves. They do not have pride in their own culture.
Furthermore, the Nigerian youths who patronise these artists are so senseless that they do not have the ears and patience to listen to good lyrics; instead they prefer songs that can make them dance. As long as the beat is good, people will buy the CD even if all what the artiste is saying is, ‘free madness’, ‘kolomental’, ‘swagga maga’ and other babbles as they give credence to mediocrity.

Some young folks who know themselves as bad boys are free to call the bad lyricist into their circle to come perform live at nightclub. Even if they want to sing their useless song,  it should be limited to this and not be recorded into disc where it will go viral.

I blame the regulatory bodies and media, particularly, the terrestrial TV station and online media for their constant broadcast of obscene music videos. The regulatory body act like they don’t exist. It is not everything you just put on air, but nowadays they allow everything because in Nigeria, everything is possible, anything can go. After the artiste has earned a lot of money from the track, you now hear some news saying NBC bans so so so. Where were they before? It’s of no use banning it now that Nigerians have listened to and watched it. They should be banned even before the release.


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