Stop being a hypocrite

Word that is soft like riped banana do not have reply that can bear shining stone in the river. I beg you abundantly, don’t be like dullard that are wise in their faces that do not twist words with creatures; these, would use clothes to cover nettle to their body. Bad words would cleave to them adhesive. And when they would be laughing in the midst of mankind, sorrow would relax on bench in the corner of their heart.
No one is small in the face of God except hypocrite that called thief to steal; that also called farmer to keep an eye on his farm. And so the judgement for a hypocrite is in the second region above. You reader, you may be small in people’s regard but there is one thing I would like you to know: you are not small before God. Do not be a dissembler that put blood in his mouth and spit out white saliva; that honor person in their front and abuse him at his back.
Let me tell you a short story —
One day, a hypocrite and I were both in an association. When he noticed that there was a man that want to spoil the association, we agreed that the man should leave. But when we dispersed, the hypocrite swiftly followed him and told him he did not have a hand in our idea. In the long run, all the members heard, and shame descended on the hypocrite. When we asked him, hypocrite replied like stutterer, we felt like smashing his head.
My dear readers, relate with yourselves with deep truth!


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