Most Nigerians Believe Every Problem Is Spiritual


In Nigeria, majority of us find it difficult to separate physical issues from spiritual issues or problem. I’m not using this post to state that spiritual problems do not exist but what I’m hinting on is the annoying way many Nigerians attach every issue in life to the control spiritual forces! Even when it is very obvious that such problems could be physical or even self-induced !

Whenever an accident happens and casualties are recorded, people hardly have time to investigate the nature of the vehicles involved; whether they were in good condition or not or whether the attitude or actions (inactions) of the drivers might have caused it. You would be surprise to hear statements like ‘I talk am, dis road dey drink blood well well…na so one woman still die for here last month’ or ‘Una know say Christmas dor near, na winch people just dey find blood to drink’. Isn’t this statement too ridiculous for one who calls himself/herself a Christian to make? If you believe that Christmas is meant to celebrate Christ’s birth, why would you ever think that witches, wizards and demons would chose that as the best time to ‘ drink blood’ ?

In Nigeria, if a lady clocks 30 and she’s not married, people start pointing accusing fingers at the old folks in her family without critically considering factors such as her personal character, marital preferences or even the harsh economy that has made marriageable men to become few!!!

Sometimes, I see people who never thought of planning for the future accusing one person or the other as the cause of their misfortune. This is the same reason why you hardly see people praying in churches these days without fully focusing on ‘ binding ‘ and ‘ casting ‘ their spiritual enemies in a very ferocious manner! The modern day shiny suit-wearing pastors with punk hairs, have never failed to capitalize on this to extort people of their hard earned money. Even people who have no certificates and skills/handwork will tell you that their jobless condition is the result of some evil people who do not want their success! The same pastors might deceive such a person that his problem is caused by witches and wizards when in essence, the young man is the wizard in his own life.
Too much emphasis on has made Nigerians to believe that every problem is a spiritual one and needs a spiritual solution. Some problems in life just require us to be pragmatic, logical and to take the right decisions at the right time. That’s why I love the Book of Proverbs in the Bible. It teaches you pure wisdom! Sometimes when you pray, all you need is just to thank God for life, protection and provision. We must not make every problem seem spiritual…some problems just require you to correct your past mistakes, take decisions that can better the situation and act right!

I often wonder why Nigerians organise so many crusades, fasting and prayer sessions and other religious gatherings with the aim of enhancing the economy when in essence, these are unnecessary! There are no demonds causing havoc in our country’s socio-economic life! The fact remains that we have refused to do things the way they should be done. We don’t need to call God all the time to come and save us from bad governance; God has given everyone freewill and the ability to know what’s right and what’s not. Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, etc have better economies and social systems than our country! Does it mean the citizens call on God more than we do?
If you have been calling on God and it seems He’s not answering you, you should know that He wants you to use the brain He has given to you to solve issues!

Some problems could be spiritual but let’s not make it seem as if all problems are spiritual and need divine intervention.


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