Volumes of what goes on in the neither region about the dollar

These are the volumes of what goes on in the neither region about the dollar where luciferism is the order of the day. The events that top the agenda of the supposed witches & wizards conference.


If you look at the world’s most popular currency today, the dollar, you will discover that its symbol look like .S. with a vertical stroke across it. The .S. represents the serpent while the vertical stroke represents a tree. In other words, the symbol of the dollar is that of a serpent which twisted itself restfully round a tree.

Eve was a great lover of fruits. She was always resting under tree shades playing with the animals. Perhaps because of her intimacy with the creatures, they did not fear her as much as they did to her husband. It was at that point that the serpent, that great and eternal friend of mine came to my aid. He donated his body to me to use as a medium to enter the garden and speak to Eve. Shortly after my success in the garden, I made up my mind to immortalize the serpent for that great favour he did to me, not only in this kingdom but also on earth.

We have to double our effort to make sure mankind does not live in peace anywhere on earth’s surface. We must bear in mind that every sin committed on earth is a vote of confidence in the continuation of this kingdom. Every sin on earth strengthens the foundation of this kingdom just as every righteousness on earth is an arrow to the heart of this kingdom with unbearable pains. This is why I charge every one of us here to endeavor to find new ways of making sin more attractive to people on earth.

I designed this symbol and carefully projected it into the minds of the founders of one of world’s strongest economies long ago. Happily, albeit unknown to them about the spiritual meaning of that symbol, they adopted it as the symbol of their own currency. My ultimate aim is to compel every nation on earth to adopt the dollar as its official domestic currency. I look forward to a world in which the dollar is the only currency in use. It is the duty of every one of us in this Kingdom to bring this to pass.

One strategy I have devised and to which we must cling is to weaken other economies in order to devalue their currencies. Once a currency is devalued, the dollar immediately becomes more relevant to the lives of ordinary people in that economy. The popularity of the dollar is inversely proportional to the relative strength of other currencies. The weaker the other currencies, the more popular the dollar. When the dollar eventually becomes the only currency on earth as I am sure it will, my friend the serpent’s symbol will become the most treasured property on earth. Such is the great honour I intend to confer on the serpent in return for his favour to me long ago.

So readers, Since we can never use these for our peace missions, we don’t expect pieces mission, do we?


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