Student prostitution at institutions of learning in Nigeria


Student prostitution at institutions of learning in Nigeria has become a subject of hard discussion. Virginity, which is sacred to holy minds, has been poured away in the name of money.
Future mothers of Nigeria now move about naked especially on campuses of higher institution in which prostitution has taken over the major activities of the female students in schools and cities.
The impact of this to the students is disgraceful because students move about for small cash especially from outsiders and to male lecturers for higher scores in order to pass their courses or subjects. This act is disdainful and inimical to morality.
Most people claim that poverty is the prelude to students prostitution but research has shown that even girls from wealthy homes are also involved in this illicit act.
The fact is that most of the ladies are ungrateful and want to belong to categories of first class ladies. They therefore begin to live above their means and are prompted into prostitution. The major customers of these girls are lecturers, teachers, rich students, societal men, armed robbers and fraudsters popularly called 419ners. Conclusively, the factors behind prostitution are; insatiable lust, hard instincts, frustration, the get-rich-quick syndrome, unmatched libido, greed, unemployment, broken homes, promiscuity etc.
Don’t because of these factors engage in prostitution because it has grave consequences. Dignity will fade away from your family as you will be the centre of gossip. You may contact disease or be used for sacrifice also.

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