Love of course, is not just between a man and woman. It involves love of children, home and so on. But the big problems usually involve the choice of partner. Some are suited for each other and some are not, you know.

In the ancient days, women then were wiser than this modern time women because they don’t love man because of ostentation and handsomeness only but love them if they were strong and have a deep love for them; a right love. If one knows what is right and proper. We won’t see him in a wrong place that is improper for him.

In a love that is complete, its reasons are unexplainable. If a person loves another because of beautiful face, position, good family, intelligence, ostentation, style of talking and also footsteps, the love is worthless because a day is coming when those things will disappear or tire you; but if you love someone &cannot say exactly the reason, complete love is your love

Love doesn’t walk without having little hindrance but complete love would turn up to level ground. It would walk amidst thorn unconcerned and would run fast amidst ditch and hillock. Love will always cover the eyes of those loving one another. Love is like palm wine that a man drank with satisfaction and started to intoxicate him and later turned him to a mad man who did not know what he was doing.

Most ladies will turn deaf ear to their relatives when love has covered their eyes like hot water that boiled over yam flour. It is right for boys and girls to open their eyes clearly and beg God to guide them before they start loving each other.

Most youth at this present time love each other based on looks and dressing appearances. It is absolutely a stupid behaviour. A child that does not think deeply before love climbs him like a horseman; when that love pushes him completely to a pit, both his arms and legs will entirely be in the pit.


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I nearly could cry for these present children (as if I myself am old) because they don’t fear the old ones again. They are wise in their own regard. They are dying like fire having sudden illness still they don’t think. They should observe the word of the aged; have more wisdom and knowledge and know the obstacles that hooked the legs of the past ones so that they won’t fall into ditch. Still it is mendacity – they won’t listen.

No matter how much enjoyment and pleasure we find in the different aspects of each other’s character, if it is not an overall compatibility, the chances our finding fulfillment or enduring happiness in each other are pretty hopeless.

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    1. Mr Muideen, thanks for dropping by. It’s because of the tempting youthful exuberance, a lot of youth end up making wrong choice of their career or marriage partner. It’s of paramount importance that both parent and people concerned guide the individuals to see himself or herself through this thorniest part of life cycle.


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