There is nothing on earth that we can’t do

If want to be rich, you can

If you want to be important , you can.

But lazy beings who don’t want

To strive & bear punishment

Would be among those behind forever..

__In backwardness eternally.

A servant that is learning work today

Getting ready to know the work

And relying on God which is good,

This one shouldn’t be afraid.

He should continue to endure the pain

Even though he is not given a cup of garri to drink

And he did not drink more than one spoon of custard;

That the master is excreting

And he is throwing away the ordure

That the master is putting on velvet dress

And he is putting on rags

He should know that he is going to encounter

Promotion in the future.

These people that are acting as servant

Another servant will also work for them.

It is written in Proverb 27:18 that



It is not cool to bad-mouth the boss

Even if your peers egg you on.

Speak well of your boss.

Honour him or her

And submit to their authority.


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