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Ah! Never-do-well filled the earth surface

I’m afraid of other people

They would be bawling over another parents’ children

Everywhere, they would bawl at home, farm, corner,

Open place & veranda or in the room

They resemble handsome men but their insides

Are full of piles & worms, filthy liver & intestines

These people don’t have root at all.

And they are bawling that other people’s root aren’t big

Parasite despising species of the okra

Ordinary stumps despising fruits resembling walnut

Dust of worm-eaten trees saying that stones aren’t heavy

–And so, dust is in the surface of water

And stone is below the water

Mankind is looking at another person’ occiput

But they can never look at their occiput

At the same time.




My name is Oyekunle Sodiq Babatunde popularly known as TundeBryan on social networks. I'm in my early twenties, a writer of satire & enthusiast of all things. I’ve been writing for most of my life, but only recently started calling myself a writer and actually believing it. I am a chronic puzzle-seeker and a lifelong learner. I unpack complicated problems by approaching each with the flexible process and attention it deserves. I believe in simplicity, minimalism, and have an ardent willingness to push the bounds, envisioning the betterment of usable and practical solutions.

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