Married Men Engaging In Extra-Marital Affairs with Sugar Mummy Are Disgraceful

Not all men are bad or shall I say men are not all that bad? They have their bad and good sides. If only the dark sides won’t put the good sides in a permanent shade. That’s why I keep harping about tomboys, greedy and uncaring husbands. But men have their uses and some of them are out there whom many women would give their right arms to have as permanent fixtures in their lives – the loyal ones, very caring and godly.

There are men who don’t see sleeping around as a quality. For this set of men, a wife is a wife and vows are to be kept. They don’t forget ‘till death do us part’. They stick by their wives in any condition. They wear their wedding bands and respect their wives. They know they have to feed the family and pay certain bills and they do their utmost best to meet their obligations. They also know that they have to put something away for the future for their children when they will no longer be around. They don’t feel castrated if their wives tell them they are doing something the wrong way. They listen to corrections and take to them.

Let me tell a little short story. Tunde and his sugar mummy were returning from an outing and he suddenly saw his wife waiting for a cab some metres away. You know what he did? He zoomed past his wife, leaving the wife in the scorching sun while he enjoyed the comfort of the air-conditioned of the car his sugar mummy bought for him. When confronted later by his wife, he hotly and flatly denied ever taking that road that day or ever before! Can you imagine the insult, robbing the licensed owner (wife) to pay the illegal bunkerer (sugar mummy)?

There are young hardworking men; men who know that they can make it. Not those who hawk their penis for what it can fetch. They struggle, joggle jobs, work extra hours until they can stand on their two feet. Not male prostitutes who sleep with their mother’s age mates. These ones are not men. It’s really sad that well–wishers congratulated their mothers when they gave birth to them. I will advise women that when they pray for male children, they should tell God to give them whole male, not disgraceful sons who will make their mothers old age miserable


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