Pupil Sending Text Message On Mobile Phone In Class

A Pupil Sending Text Message On Mobile Phone In Class

If you have a cell phone with you in class, make sure that it is turned off. If you forget to turn it off, and your cell phone rings while you are in class, turn your phone off immediately, and then apologize for the disruption. If you answer your cell phone while in class, bow your head in shame for such an act of rudeness and disrespect, and vow that you will never do it again. If you have even the slightest doubts about being able to resist answering your cell phone while in class in the future, throw your cell phone out the car window as you are driving home, and make sure that it hits the concrete. This is a crackdown on the “curse of low-level disruption” in the classroom which can lead to children losing up to 38 days of learning time every year. How on earth will we ever begin to address the shocking underachievement of bright youngsters from disadvantaged homes, if we carry on patronising the poor and serving them up with lower expectations? Children were always having a significant impact on the learning of others by taking up teachers’ time by playing on mobile phones, swinging on chairs, making silly comments to get attention or passing notes around class. Teachers have made incredible strides in restoring discipline and educational Institutions have put them firmly back in charge of their lesson. But low-level disruption is still the curse of many classrooms across the country. If you read and send text messages on your cell phone while in class, ask yourself if college is right for you. You had better encourage yourself positively.


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