Indecent Dressing is an open invitation to most Rapes/Assault in Nigeria

Indecent dressing is an open invitation to most rapes/assault in Nigeria in the sense that it brings dishonour to those concerned.
indecent dressing, especially amongst the youths, is one
of the causes of the incessant cases of rape and sexual
harassment across the country.
I blame the scourge of indecent dressing on poor parenting, peer pressure, wrong use of the Internet, fading values as well as demonic influence, among others.
The negative consequences of dressing indecently include rape, prostitution, armed robbery, lying, poor school grades, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

”Parents should monitor their children even though some of them try to dress decently at homes but when they go back to school especially those in the high institutions, they
dress indecently. Parents, therefore, should monitor
their children by ensuring that the clothing they take to
school were properly checked and ensure that you ask your
children questions and be close to them.

”Parents should not be too harsh or too strict to avoid
scaring them away and anything that concerns them
should not be taken for granted. Show them love and
mentor them; more importantly, always pray for
them for God`s guide and direction.

”Our religious leaders should always preach against
indecent dressing. Such dressing is not African
culture. Please go round the states preaching to our
youths telling them to be mindful of the kind of cloth
they wear”.

I don’t really understand what is holding back our leaders. Please ensure that those who dress
indecently are corrected by the agency.


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