Keep confidential matters away from friends

Be careful with the people you call your friends that you tell your secrets and plans. Many pretend to be good and supportive but they don’t wish you well and they don’t want you to be better than them. Please keep your plans and achievements to yourself. If you feel like sharing then talk to God.


Involve God in Everything You Do


Beauty is not a guarantee to marriage .
Falling sick does not mean you are about to die. Getting rich is not the definition of prosperity.

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Get In the know

I started watching a new series last year, maybe not technically new but it’s certainly new to me. It’s called White Collar and it’s awesome by every standard of the word. The plot is interesting and ever changing which keeps you captivated. They have good writers too, I proudly recommend it.

Anyway, the story is about a guy – Neal Caffrey who

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Hurray! It’s my Birthday

Happy Birthday to me, Tundebryan! It’s April 26.Turning a year older has made me wonder about certain things, like how much longer can I get away with telling people that I am “twenty-….”?.. You don’t need to know my exact age. What for? lol

On my birthday, I might celebrate with the youth and vigor of someone who can dance and party, all night or in the manner of someone who can eat too much cake and pass out on the sofa watching a bad movie…I am pretty sure I am going to pass out on the sofa!


The Secret of Family Happiness 

​There were two houses standing next to each other. In one of them resided a very unhappy family. The spouses yelled at each other, they fought and quarreled all the time. The other was a place of happiness and calm. 
During one of the fights a wife asked her husband:
“Did you ever hear them quarrel or yell over at that house? No!
So, go there and see what they do to avoid it!”
The husband stood at the window of his neighbors and watched. There they were busy doing their own thing. The wife was in the kitchen cooking, and the man sat at the table writing. The phone rang, and the man jumped up and headed to the hallway to get it.
On his way he bumped into a vase, it fell and broke. He got down to his knees and started picking up the pieces. The wife ran into the room from the kitchen. She also kneeled down and started helping her husband to pick them up.
The man said to his wife:
“I am so sorry. I rushed to get the phone and bumped into the vase. It fell and got broken.”
The wife replied:
“No, honey, it is my fault. I put it there on the way. That’s why you bumped into it.”

They kissed, and that was over. Both got back to what they were doing.
The man who watched them returned to his wife. She wanted to know what the secret of their happiness was. 
What he said was fantastic:
“I know it now. In their family they both are guilty and in our family both of us are always right!”
That’s the secret of family happiness!
Food for thought.
The “trick” isn’t in not wanting to take responsibility, but rather in not claiming right.
There are times you need to forfeit your right to win your peace: depends on which you cherish most.
This recipe is applicable, not only in the home, but also at work and in all relationships.

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